Final Thoughts on an Amazing Experience!

This is our final post from our trip to India. Vanessa and Emily have been doing a fabulous job developing and posting on this blog for the last 17 days. It has truly been an honor traveling with both of them and watching their interactions with staff and students. They are both going to be amazing OTs. They spoke with confidence and passion as they discussed what occupational therapy is to so many people.

I must say that this has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I conducted a total of 12 hands-on assistive technology workshop days in 17 days to over 1000 students at three different colleges. This must be a world record of the most number of students fabricating assistive technology solutions in minutes. A total of 320 solutions were fabricated by students. Students worked in teams and often fabricated three or more solutions per team in addition to the items fabricated during the hands-on portion of the workshops. I must say- the students and staff were our professors in teaching us creative uses of materials that can be found in India.

We would like to thank the following individuals who worked so hard in coordinating these workshop: Padma, Guruswamy, Ravi, Sujana, and Chairman Vishnu and everyone one else affiliated with the Vishnu Educational Society and the Assistive Technology Labs. Also a special thanks to Alan Rux from UMASS Lowell for his guidance, inspiration, and encouragement.

Our hope is to produce a book of all the solutions that the students developed using materials found in India and that this event becomes an annual event to challenge students to think outside the box.


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